Anonymous: "What are your favorite sports teams?"

basketball: Chicago bulls (I don’t watch college bball) football: minnesota vikings and alabama (roll tide), baseball i like the braves… and the gamecocks for college.. that’s it for main sports but i watch a lil tennis and golf every now and then too

i drew fan art of harry on a motor cycle pls enjoy 

how the fuck did ryan seacrest not end up making a toothpaste line

Anonymous: "Fashion question !! So I'm not plus sized I have a very small waist but a bit of a tummy and thickkkk thighs/butt so I was wondering how you think boyfriend style jeans would look on that kind of body type? I can barely ever find jeans I like bc they make me look thick in a bad way and they pinch at my tummy :/"

i think boyfriend jeans would look fine!! also if u have the lil waist and bigger hips high waisted jeans are really in rn and if you get a more structured pair it might help!!

Niall at the Champion’s League football match between Atletico de Madrid and Chelsea on Tuesday in Madrid, Spain (April 22

Harry and Liam looking particularly handsome in 2013

Anonymous: "Hey jen, just wondering how do you keep fit? :)"

honestly….. during school I don’t eat as much as I should and I usually lose weight during the school year and gain it back over the summer… and i try to eat a mostly balanced diet like i never get fast food but besides that nothing


this is my favourite vine ever


i walked to class like this (***flawless)

Anonymous: "Someone wants to get you in trouble with that who's the most and least attractive question..."

i know like bro just look at my blog…