Q: Jen! This woman on house hunters just turned down the perfect house because she said the faucets and fixtures were too dated! It was soo big and it was a foreclosure so it was cheap! I'm about to pop off, why are people like this!!!?! -Anonymous

(the show is actually rigged) but yeah it’s sooooo dumb like.. seriously? fixtures? smh…

Q: Where did u get those boots ur wearing in that selfie....I'm in love! -Anonymous

kohls!! but they were on clearance so :(

Q: Jen what did tumblr user pizza do? -Anonymous

eh they did some racist stuff and they have a million followers for no real reason idk they’re just *yawn*

Q: this is so unimportant and mundane but i have been stresssing over college forevererreer and only just recently decided that majoring in something i love would be so much more beneficial in the long run than submitting myself to a field i couldn't care less about!!! the way you talk about interior designing only inspires me more to pursue topics i genuinely enjoy so kudos man. :-DDD -Anonymous

hey that is so great ur finding that out now!!! and thank u omg im glad im inspiring :~)

Q: if it makes u feel any better tumblr user p*zza has a 1D blog and the url is larrystattoos *side eye emoji* -Anonymous

yikes !

Q: KEEP YOUR PINEAPPLES PEELED Jen honestly u are so cute and my fav and I hope you have a wonderful day/night whatevs<3333 -Anonymous

yes pineapples peeled 🍍🍍🍍

Q: Oooh darn if you lived in the LA area I would've recommended you to my friend's aunt. She's an interior designer looking for an assistant so when I saw Ezra's apartment I was like :OOO -Anonymous

ahh nope wrong coast :/ but thank u aw omg

Q: do u like the interior design field? bc that's what i would like to do -Anonymous

hmm yes… i interned with a firm this summer and i can say I personally prefer the more technical like space planning side more than the picking out textiles and paint side?? but it’s all what you like and it’s such a large umbrella that w a degree in interior design you can do sooo much if you have the talent

Q: Ok like I don't know why I just really wanted to share this bc like narry is ur fave ok ok like I love Harry bc he hangs out w rich older men and that's basically me we'd exchange contact numbers and he's so charming and drinks martinis like we'd get along so great and Niall is my fave bc he always encourages Harry's sex adventures w rich older men and I need that in my life also like he's a big drinker like a bet he knows what's good and what's not #same -Anonymous

you hashtag same’d your own post i can’t breathe

Q: JEN what are you studying/where are you from??? -Anonymous

i am studying interior design and i live on the east coast!!

Q: JEN youre so talented that pt apartment was amazing!!! i hope u go v far in your interior design career :* -Anonymous

thank u bae!!! it was lots of fun to work on i enjoyed it immensely :~)


Salt Lake in Cyprus  2013. 

seriously fire b*n winston and hire whoever makes 5sos’s music videos

Q: today I discovered polyvore and I've made like 5 sets already I'm depressed these clothes are so cute but $$$$ -Anonymous

i’ve never played w polyvore like i try to stay away from online shopping period bc i spend too much ooooops